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Vintage 1987 Barbie Ice Cream Shop! Replacement Parts & Accessories Pick Your Own

Vintage 1987 Barbie Ice Cream Shop! Replacement Parts & Accessories Pick Your Own

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Choose what you need from a nice selection of gently used parts and accessories that belong to the Barbie 1987 Ice Cream Shop Play Set! These items are all in good vintage condition. Complete your set or add onto it for more ice cream Barbie fun!

Choose from the following:

A. Full set of appliances/stands including the blender, ice cream cone dispenser with 5 regular cones, soda fountain, two clear glasses, napkin holder, and clear ice cream scoop. Also includes two vanilla and two pink "scoops"

B. Set of 7 ice cream cones and "scoops" , two vanilla and 5 pink. 3 of the cones are the regular cones and 3 have the little handles for Barbie to hold.

C. Large set of ice cream dishes and scoops! 4 large pedestal dishes that hold 3 scoops each, and 4 single scoop pedestal glasses. Also includes 16 scoops! 8 vanilla, and 8 pink.

D & E. Ice cream spoon - this is one of the counter seats that hooks onto the larger ice cream shop base. Choose from (D) blue or (E) pink.

F. Set of 3 Barbie Ice Cream Shop placemats and the matching Apron. These have some curling and some age discoloration on the back but the fronts look good.

G. Round ice cream yellow bowl holder with 6 pink ice cream bowls. These go in the "serving" area of the larger ice cream shop base.

H. Ice cream paddle and lid for the larger ice cream maker compartment.

I. Barbie Ice Cream Shop vinyl floor mat - the graphics and colors look great and it is in good condition overall with some curling on the edges.

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