Welcome to the Budget Friendly B-Roll!

Here at Dolly Magic, we often come across items that have small imperfections, but are still precious and perfect for certain collectors! These items, while not premium quality, have been put through the same processes as all of our items. They are super clean, and restored to their best possible state. Don't worry, we detail the imperfections with the description and the photos, so you'll always know exactly what you are getting. No dissapointments here! On the contrary, these are great finds that we have curated into a collection perfect for the beginner or budget collector.

What types of "small imperfections" are in the B-Roll items? What we are show casing here are items that are still worthy of display, with imperfections that are not glaringly obvious to the casual observer. Some examples are very small "spots" on a doll, in an inconspicuous area (back of the head, etc.), a small snag in a clothing item, or boxes that have damage on areas that are not seen or obvious from the front display view.

Please be sure to read the description carefully, and view all of the photos. We know these items deserve a great home, but we want to make sure you are happy with them too. As always, you can email Sarah@DollyMagic.com with any questions or for additional photos prior to purchase!