About Our Fragrances

About Our Fragrances

One Woman’s Quest to Recapture the 1980s

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Hey there! I'm Sarah, the founder of Dolly Magic, and the mastermind behind our top-selling fragrance sets! Let's talk vintage Strawberry Shortcake dolls - I’m obsessed! But hold on a sec, when I started collecting them again a while back, I realized something was missing... the sweet scents! As a kid, I adored smelling my Strawberry Shortcake dolls - it was part of the magic! After 40+ years most of them have lost their original scent, or no longer have a distinct scent.

So, I dove into a fragrance quest to find the perfect scents to revive these dolls! After tons of trials and sniff tests, we cracked the code on doll-friendly fragrances. To keep our dolls safe from oil, we came up with a genius plan - using soft merino wool felt that matches their skin tone. This wool holds just enough scent without being bulky, neatly hidden under their locks.

We're so head over heels for these fragrances that we decided to share the love with everyone, Whether you have dolls or not! Now you can rock our scents with a trendy diffuser necklace or spice up your car with a scented vent clip! The wave of fragrance from the vent is pure heaven, especially with the heat cranked up!

These scents are like a time machine for me, and I hope they take you away on your very own nostalgic adventure!

Thanks for visiting Dolly Magic and if you have any questions, I’m just a quick email away at Sarah@dollymagic.com.

Sending you 80s vibes,

Sarah Newton

Owner, Dolly Magic